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Three Tips to UpLevel RIGHT NOW.

How many times do you say you’re going to do something and then you don’t do it? Like maybe going to the gym, drinking more water, eating better, calling that client back, calling your Mom back, reading more books and turning off the tv, paying off debt, making more money, asking that person out on a facetime date?

When you do this - you show the universe and your brain that you can’t be trusted, that if you won’t follow through on the small things - why would you follow through on the big things?!? Like manifesting that dream house, or dream job, or dream partner or dream school to put your kid into.

I want to share with you three tips to help train your brain to HELP you keep promises to yourself, increase your productivity, and build trust with yourself for the moments you say you are going to do something – you will actually do it. We also want your brain on outside, this will help us train the brain to HELP us.

1.Identify the small promises that you keep saying to yourself or other people around you. Do you keep saying something over and over again that you are going to do and you continue to not do it? Identify how many times this is happening and what it is that you are promising yourself?

2. Practice keeping LITTLE promises to yourself. I learned this from the Manifestation Babe (@manifestationbabe) For instance, if you’re going to go make your bed in the morning – I say out loud – I’m going to make my bed. Or before you shower – say out loud I’m going to shower now. Or if you’re going to make lunch or food say – I’m going to make lunch. This helps train the brain on keeping the little promises.

3. Set boundaries for yourself– if you say you’re going to call someone later - do it. If you tell your partner you’re going to stop working at 5pm to watch the kids - don’t work until 6pm. If you can’t keep these promises to stay in a high vibe make sure you communicate with that person or with yourself on why you 're not able to keep your promises. Be honest with yourself and work to change it.

I go into more detail, especially around dating in my NEW podcast episode! It’s super juicy! Go check it out, LINK IN BIO!

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