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Let’s talk about who you surround yourself with.

If you don’t know who this handsome man is- let me introduce you. This is my BEST FRIEND, my business partner, my confidant, my biggest supporter, my gubby, he’s the co-creator of Elevate Your Mindset AND it’s his Birthday today.

They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. And I’m so happy you are 1 of those 5 Scottie!

When you are on a new journey of self-improvement, when you are ready to elevate, to manifest, to bring in more money, more success - people are going to notice. They are going to notice how much you invest in courses, books, podcasts, seminars.

And some people won’t understand your journey. They might even say mean or rude comments that make you question if you are moving in the right direction. What happens is it forces them to look at their lives too and they might get uncomfortable.

Doesn't mean they are a bad person at all. Just means that you might be on different journeys.

When you look at who YOU surround yourself with, ask yourself:

Do they force you to elevate?

Are your friends where you want to be? Do they have the same qualities you are looking to grow into? The same success mindset, the same thoughts on money?

Are they your biggest cheerleaders even when you’ve hit success?

Remember, misery LOVES company. So the true test is how your tribe reacts to your success that matters. When you’ve hit success do they celebrate with you? Do they cheer you on? Are they so incredibly proud of you without their own agenda.

And don’t be afraid to cut ties with people - if a friend is saying mean comments, or remarks to you or tell you you’ve changed it’s okay to walk away.

This is your journey.

It’s okay to cut out toxic relationships

You are on a journey - an amazing journey. I’m so excited to watch you grow!

If a friendship doesn’t serve you - it’s okay to walk away. I’m giving you permission. This world needs to see your growth and your success.

If you want more and to go deeper. Elevate your Mindset is OPEN for two weeks. It will close on the 31st (my favorite holiday).

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