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I went to Tulum and it changed my life!

Do you need to set boundaries?

When I was in Mexico, I went to mayan healer - recommended by Ashley @ashleyy.jean - the healer told me something that changed my life (I mean she told me many things)but she told me I needed to set Boundaries. I didn’t think anything of it right away. Until I realized how much I could just work and work and work, that there’s unlimited things I can do all day everyday. Anyone else relate??


AND how much I LOVE having my plate FULL. It makes me feel like I’m busy or successful (which, if you’ve been following me long enough- you know is not true!)

With all of us working from home, having kids, partners, pets - it’s hard to set boundaries for ourselves. Especially women! We love being superheroes! 💗 and doing it all, you know you do!

Here’s some good tips to help you with boundaries!

Remember, this is presale week so if you want to be a part of the EYM course! Here is the link:

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