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Everything you’re going through is going to make you strong.

I remember being bullied. I remember kids purposely not including me in game’s on the playground, making fun of me for asking questions in class, getting picked last in gym class, snikers of girls talking about me behind my back, calling me all sorts of names. Telling me I’m worthless. Telling me go to kill myself through AIM messenger.

I don’t talk about this often since it’s something I’d rather keep tucked away. It’s apart of my life that is painful.

But now I understand why.

The Universe was training me to be mentally tough. To be resilient.

Instead of looking at the things in my past and trying to forget them, change them or be ashamed of them. I now thank the universe. I’m grateful that I went through those experiences.


Because it taught me kindness towards others, it taught me compassion, it taught me resilience. Even though I knew I was going to be picked on - I still showed up, I still went to school every day. I still raised my hand, asked questions in class even though they were “stupid questions” I continued to show up.

Now, I’m able to bring other women up, support them. That I will never make anyone feel the way I did when I was being bullied.

Anything you’re going through right now is teaching you something. It might not FEEL like that right now but you are stronger and you are learning tools that will help you through anything life throws at you.

What if you approached your insecurities as - I’m so grateful for xx because it taught me xx. Thank the lord that I get xx because that teaches me to be xx.

Any insecurity that you have anything you are focusing on - think of ONE positive thing it’s taught you in your life. Just one.

Do you have acne? Thank the universe for giving you acne because it makes you a more compassionate person.

What you are doing is you are taking away the power of your insecurities.

I’m grateful for you, I’m so happy you are here.

EYM is open until Saturday!! Who’s in?!?! Give me a 💰 if you are in!!

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