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You never need to ask for permission.

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

You never need anyone’s approval for anything you want in this life.

Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

You can have, do and be anything you desire.

You are ridiculously powerful.

Go ask for what you want.

Ask for what you desire.

Remember, this is a practice. It’s letting your feelings of can’t know they are no longer welcomed, it’s drawing a line in the sand and declaring either I stay here or I move forward and further loss will no longer be necessary.

Try this one: You won’t mess this up. You’ll be okay, you’ll make it through. It’s safe to trust yourself and ask for what it is you truly want.

Ever since I’ve started practicing this - I got to test drive a Porsche for the whole weekend, I got upgraded on flights, I booked an appt at a high end salon with the top colorist in LA, I texted a hott guy I met and didn’t care the outcome. I was just proud that I did it - that I asked for what I want.

My Dad always told me - if you never ask the answer is always no.

Today, what is it that you want? What are you afraid to ask for?

Today ask for it. If you want start small.

I want to know how it goes so tell me below!













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