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Decisions, decisions, decisions.

My brain for the last couple of days has been in a mode of making 1038457362 different decisions and I’m exhausted. It hasn’t been fun.

I’m the type of person who values getting things “right” making things look “perfect” - anyone relate?!?

Until I realized, I’m done with that. I’m choosing to see things differently and change my story. I’m over trying to be perfect, to always “get it right” because what is perfection and getting it right anyways?

What does that mean?

What I’ve learned is when I try to be perfect - that means there’s something I’m trying to compare myself to. If I’m planning a party I need it to look like a picture I saw on IG, or if I look at a relationship I want to try and emulate that in my relationship. But what if I created my own sense of perfection? What if I just did things because it made me happy? Or I made my own visions of what perfection feels like or looks like? Stopped looking outward and looked inward? You get to create this amazing life.

These are your visions and thoughts. And you can have them anyway you want them!!

It’s time to figure out what YOU want. What makes YOU happy.

It’s time you start living your own Pinterest life not act or try to be perfect based on someone else’s standards.


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