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Let's heal your relationship with MONEY.

Ashley A. Horne

How would it feel if you NEVER had to worry about money ever again?

If you had EFFORTLESSLY created a business where money flows in constantly and abundantly every month? 

Where your business doubled, tripled, quadrupled -- all while working when you want, where you want and with clients that are perfect for you? 


All while ending the consistent burnt out at the end of the week -- and instead got into a state of flow where things just started happening FOR you and not TO you

AND… what if you ended up making MORE money by working LESS?

AND… it was EASIER than ever before

Are you ready to make more money?



A Digital Experience by Ashley + Scottie

FOR 2020

This course isn't just about making a sh*t ton of money (although it definitely is). 

This is about growth. Expansive, explosive growth. And making more money than ever before.

We’ll teach you

I was in your shoes.


I remember being in your shoes thinking to myself how can I have the life I’ve always dreamed of?


I knew I had talents and the desire for success, and I knew I wanted to create a life beyond my wildest dreams. But I felt stuck.


I believed that I had to work my a** off to see financial success. I felt like any goals I wanted to achieve I had to prepare for this marathon of being stressed out, making sacrifices, not enjoying my business, staying up to 3am working, taking on every client that came my way, stuck living in one state, I felt I had to sacrifice my health and sanity for success.


This was my old mindset.


Ultimately my goals kept feeling further and further away. And even if I had hit a tiny bit of success – I would feel so burnt out…


I’d think to myself I don’t want this anymore. It’s too hard. I don’t want success or money if this is what it takes. I can’t keep doing this.


I was over $50k in debt. Exhausted. Frustrated. And…

I remember the day that I had enough


It was the beginning of Summer 2016 - I was sitting in my LA apartment, frustrated that I wasn't hitting the goals I kept setting, in debt, living with a roommate and I was listening to a mentor speak about your subconscious mind. She gave the example about buying a new car that all of a sudden that particular car is ALL you see. Even though there has been a MILLION of those cars that pass you by - you all of a sudden only see that specific car.

And something clicked.

That when you focus on that beautiful new car, when you get CLEAR about what you want, you feel the feelings about driving and how it FEELS to own that car, you bring it into your subconsious and then that’s ALL you’ll see.

That’s what I had to change. I had to speak to my subconscious and shed my current mindset. 
Over the next several months I continued to increase my understanding of the vibrations of money, success, wealth and manifestation. All while continuing to speak to my subconscious.


I had to write a new story. And that's when my life started to change.

Today, I run a 7-figure business with my best friend, I easily have 6 figures in the bank, I own two investment properties (I completely manifested), I work with the most amazing clients that LOVE to pay me, I live where I want all while working where I want. 

This mindset has allowed me to create a beautiful life that I’ve been dreaming of. 

I’m living my best Pinterest life 

Travel as I please, build wealth, hire a team as needed. Five Star Hotels have become the norm. 


To be clear, 8 years ago I lived in an apartment with cockroaches, 6 years ago I was over $50k+ in debt. 4 years ago I chose to start speaking to my subconscious. And here we are.


As I show myself what’s possible, I show others what’s possible for them. 

I am here to teach you what I know.

When good people make good money…. Literally EVERYONE benefits.


This course is about helping you shed the old you to allow you to achieve massive success. Helping you develop the mindset of the person you want to become.

Helping you release the blocks holding you back from massive success

Push you to level up in a way you know you’re made for, and make your business easier and more abundant than ever before.

This is the mindset work

You already KNOW what to do. And you may already be executing. You just haven't executed with the right mindset yet -- and we’re here to help. 


This course is here to show you how to FEEL and how to allow the universe to send you exactly what you need. 


This work will change the way you see yourself, your business, and the world….forever.


This course will help you rewire every single belief that’s causing you to unconsciously resist and sabotage the flow of money into your life.


This will help you step into AND EMBODY the most successful version of yourself.


To help you achieve the business, the money, the clients, and the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. 

This is not just another fluffy mindset course

This is a complete Mindset Transformation. 


  • You’re ready to invest in yourself. 

  • You’re sick of seeing people at the top and you’re not there. 

  • You want to generate more clients and money and do less work

  • You’re tired of being like everyone else and trying to find your own authentic voice and attract your perfect clients.

  • You think that your business feels like a never ending rat race -- and you’re ready to break free and make it easier

  • You think to yourself: I can’t physically work MORE during the day -- I’m ready to level up and expand upward without putting in more time

  • You say to yourself: I became a business owner for more flexibility -- and I want time for my family and friends

  • You’re tired of hearing about everyone else’s success -- and are ready to create your own path to success

  • You’re f*king done getting burnt out

  • You’re sick and tired of feeling stuck 

  • You’re sick and tired of feeling like I can’t hire a staff

  • You’re sick and tired of BEING sick and tired.

  • You know you’re a good hearted person with talents and skills -- and you know you’re destined for greatness, but can’t seem to figure out how to get to the next level

  • Your ready to learn to make more money through clients and not feel bad about it

  • Your ready to stop trading time for money -- and instead allow money to flow in freely and easily

  • You feel like you put so much time and energy into your business, and just want to feel like you’re getting the results you deserve

  • You want a business that runs easily and smoothly, one that you really enjoy

  • You are hustling way too hard for the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of

  • You’re ready to put yourself first

  • You’re ready to believe you are enough 

  • You’re ready to create your own Pinterest Life

Payment Roll

I’m ready to level the f*ck up


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FOR 2020
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Jamieson Cox

Being in the energy of Scottie and Ashley has transformed the way I think about, and interact, with money and success.

I had no idea I had some many limiting beliefs -- and this course helped me stop playing small in my life, especially with money.

In the first month i made an extra $2,800. The course is an absolute game changer for me -- if you're a business owner or consultant looking to expand, this is the course for you

Alumni 1.png

Jen Rezac

This course is the real deal -- I'll admit, at first I was a bit skeptical to spend this much on an online course.

I really didn't want to take another boring training on being a business owner. But WOW, was I blown away. The lessons I learned immediately helped me have my best month ever.

I took the course at my own pace (there was no rush) and the journal prompts were crucial in helping me step up and expand my business.

I have a renewed confidence in myself, the universe, and I know things are working out for me

Six Transformational Stories You’ll Experience in This Course

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Transformation 1: You’ll clear your limiting beliefs on money and success

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Right Now:

  • Here’s the script in your mind: Success has to be hard. Money can’t flow easily. Rich people are greedy. I didn’t come from that background, so I can’t be successful. BULL SHIT! How are your beliefs around money and success holding you back? Are you feeling stuck but not sure why? 

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After The Course: 

  • Here’s your new reality: Success can be easy. Struggle is not required to make more money. Getting burnt out is not needed to massively expand. Regardless of where you come from, you can be (and are) worthy of massive success and money.

  • This course will guide you, step-by-step, to identifying your limiting beliefs (hint: they are everywhere in life, not just around money and success) AND help you RELEASE the power they have over you. This transformation will expand what you believe is possible.

  • You’ll experience more growth, satisfaction, expansion, and belief in yourself.

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Transformation 2: You’ll start to view your time differently

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Right Now:

  • You’re currently burning the candle from both ends, trying to do everything. You say to yourself: there’s just not enough time in the day. Why does it feel like my to-do list is never ending? How am I supposed to juggle my family, my business, my health, and financial success? It seems impossible. Here’s the truth: You’re not viewing, and valuing, your time like the badass boss you know you are

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After The Course: 

  • Imagine waking up and focusing on activities you actually LIKE to do, not just the ones you think you need to. You finally produced more results with less time and energy. You’re done taking meetings just for meetings sake. You now have more free time for yourself, and you’re able to say no to things that aren’t high value activities. After exploring the course, you’ll view your time differently, invest in yourself, and become a boss (NOT just an employer).

  • This course will get you from working 12 hours a day and feeling burnt out, to working way less and get WAY more done. I used to wake up with 400 things on my to do list. I now wake up everyday with only 3-5 things on my to do list. And no, things aren’t falling through the cracks. Everything that needs to get done, that I choose not to do, is handled by my team.

  • I’ve learned how to view my time differently -- and I teach you exactly how in this course.

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Transformation 3:  You’ll make a sh*t ton more money

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Right Now:

  • What cap have you placed on yourself? How much money are you energetically available for on a monthly basis? Are you ready to double, triple, or quadruple your income on a monthly basis, all while working the same -- if not less?

Square RG.png

After The Course: 

  • It’s time to make more money. I’ve used these processes in this course to go from making less than $3k per month, to consistently making $5k/mo, then $8k consistently, then up to $15k per month, and now I’m currently between $25k - $40k per month. CONSISTENTLY.

  • Each level of expansion is possible for you. You just need to unlock the tools, level the f*k up, and allow space for more money in your life. This course will help you double, triple, quadruple your income -- all while showing you the tools to KEEP it there.

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Transformation 4: You’ll fall back in love with your business

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Right Now:

  • Currently: You’ve fallen out of love with your business. You feel like it’s a “grind” every day. You started this career because you love what you do -- you love helping people, and you love impacting lives. But when did work becomes so… hard? 

Square RG.png

After The Course: 

  • Work doesn’t have to require blood, sweat and tears. The “busy badge of honor” you wear to show how hard you work -- guess what? It’s not necessary for success. I now show up, work less, do more of what I love, and make MORE money than ever before.

  • This course will show you how to reconnect to your authenticity, fall back in love with why you started this business in the first place, and reconnect you to your vision.

  • How amazing would it be to wake up feeling great about your work every. single. day?

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Transformation 5: You’ll release the fear around hiring staff 

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Right Now:

  • You know you “should” hire more people on your team. Everyone is telling you -- in order to grow, you must hire staff. But you still hesitate. You’re still fearful, wondering if you can handle the added pressure. What happens if it doesn’t work out?

Square RG.png

After The Course: 

  • This course will show you how to reframe that negative through pattern, teach you why (and how and when) to hire the right people, and allow your business to massively expand. We’ll teach in this course how to creating space and allow the universe (and other humans) to support you. In doing so, you’ll actually ALLEVIATE stress, have more time to spend with your family and friends, and do more of what you love in the business. How great would it feel to have a group of amazing humans that work WITH you and want you to succeed?

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Transformation 6: Your days feel hectic and unstructured

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Right Now:

  • Your days are scattered. You wake up, check your phone, and immediately start your day from a place of worry or stress. You don’t have a strong routine you stick to, and when you finish each workday, you ask yourself “what did I REALLY do today?” 

Square RG.png

After The Course: 

  • It’s time to take back… your time. How would it feel to wake up calmly, with a morning routine you love (hint: it doesn’t need to be 100 steps long). You start your day centered, clear and focused, knowing exactly what you need to get done for the day.

  • Having a clear morning routine and guidelines on what you will and will not do in the morning will create structure and allow you to accomplish more in the first few hours of the day than most people do throughout the entire day. We’ll walk you through, in the course, how to create the perfect morning routine specific for you

Truth Bomb

You probably already know the activities you need to do to be successful. 

See more clients. Create a marketing campaign. Have a stronger social media presence. Those are important, but these are not the core fundamentals for success.


Let’s be clear, this isn’t another boring course focusing on the activities you need to do to be successful. “Work harder”. “Put in more hours”. “See more clients”. 


Doesn’t that make you want to slam your computer shut? Us too. 


So wait — If you already know what activities to do, what’s actually holding you back from success? Despite knowing a WHAT to do, why does it seem so difficult to actually DO it?

It's your Mindset

Your mind is what’s holding you back from massive success. It’s the beliefs that you’re holding onto that no longer serve you. 


It’s time to expand. 

Build a new belief system. 

You already know you’re destined for great things, don’t you? 


We want to remind you that YOU can have everything you’ve ever fucking desired— we’ll help you open you mindset to receiving it ALL. 

It’s time to Elevate Your Mindset. 


We’re here to retrain and rewire your mind to see the world differently, to approach business differently, to expand what you think is possible.


THAT is what this course will teach you. 


Remind you that you’re doing an awesome job.


This course will teach you that the world is on your side. It’ll teach you how to drop the struggle of what you THINK success in business should look like. That abundance is all around you. That resilience can be built through practice, and that elevating your client base is easier than you think. You’ll drop all those pesky limiting beliefs that have stopped you from explosive growth. 


While adopting an expansive growth mindset isn’t always easy, it’s the most important and valuable work there is. It’s work that will help you level up in all areas of your life— Love, family, money, relationships, success

Here’s Your Transformational Journey

 Module by Module Breakdown 



Lean into the discomfort -- and confidently and proudly accept yourself for who you are. The key to change is to learn to accept yourself as you are -- THEN you have the capacity to grow and change. It's time to love, accept, and let go of any past failures or disappointments. We’re washing it all away -- and in the process will squash doubt, fear, dread, and self-consciousness about yourself and your work. We get vulnerable and share our personal paths to forgiveness and letting go.



THIS MODULE IS GOLD. What limiting beliefs are holding you back from massive success? What stories are you telling yourself about money, success, and yourself that are causing you to stay stuck? We’re walking you through the most transformational journey in this module. After finishing, you’ll know how to identify when you’re limiting yourself, how it’s impacting your life, and how to flip the script in your mind to release your past ways of thinking.



The key to creating your pinterest life is to get super clear on what you want. We’re here to let you know -- you are an amazing, wonderful human, and you deserve great things because you do. What is calling you in this beautiful life? We’re going to help you dig deep to determine what it is that you truly want (and not what you think you want, or what other people want for you). Get ready to be encouraged, supported, and



Are you ready to level the f*ck up? It’s time to drop the f*king struggle. This business, this life, this world -- does not need to be difficult. And we’ll show you why. We’re also going to help you step into greatness by elevating your client base. Wouldn’t it be massively brilliant to work with soul-mate clients? We’ll show you how. And to top it off, we’ll show you how to create a business that flows naturally (hint: how to work less and earn more). 

In this module we’ll also show you how to bring authenticity into your business (and life) to create more goodness (and success). Then, we’ll walk you through your specific roadmap to success. How do you want to define success? And how will you get there?



It’s my job to teach you everything I know about how to act like the damn boss you KNOW you are. Successful people view their time differently, invest in themselves differently, and create a circle that motivates and pushes them to the next level. You need to step into this badass boss role in order to level the heck up. When you value your time differently, you put a new energetic frequency into the universe -- and it responds by presenting you with amazing new opportunities. This module will really get you to expand what you think is possible. Get ready to be a badass




- This is the REAL SH*T -- We are diving way, way deeper into manifestation, abundance, and cultivating a business (and love) in complete alignment with these powerful attributes.

- We dig DEEP into developing an Abundance Prospecting Mindset

- We also help you step into the 2.0 Version of yourself that already is successful

You thought that was it?



Life isn’t all peaches and roses -- and we’re no stranger to rejection. But what keeps you going when the going gets tough? RESILIENCE. We’re going to dig in here and teach you tried and true methods to building resilience (hint: yes, it’s a muscle you can build). Sh*t happens -- we’re going to teach you how to not let it impact your life, your business, and keep you moving forward.



Manifestation, babe. You’re here for it. Manifest the business, money, success, body, relationship -- you want. One of the most powerful tools of manifestation are mantras -- how are you going to create more abundance, success, and money in your life?!



Get ready for major realness. First we’re going to help you get into the best possible vibrational state in order to get the most from the course. This module will transform your vibe, energy, and mentality instantly. This lesson alone is absolutely life and business changing. 


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FOR 2020
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Hi, I'm Ashley 

I am a recovering work-a-holic, focused now on expanding my empire, earning more money, all while working less. I am  now ready to teach others what she knows.

I am currently running a 7 figure private Wealth Management practice with my best friend, Scottie Taylor, I own several rental properties, I am an online educator, course creator, and coaches other financial advisors.

I have consistently hit massive goals, transformed my mindset and I am on my way to 7-figures!

I am regularly sought out for advice, guidance, and I considered a thought leader in my industry.

Ashley loves traveling follow along on all my adventures on Instagram!

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By enrolling: in this course, you agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

Refund Policy: If after reviewing your course content, you feel this is not for you, please email us at within 24 hours of your purchase and we will issue you a refund.

Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share my personal practice around healing my past, shifting my beliefs, choosing my energetic state, and receiving money. I believe in this work and these concepts deeply. However, I don't guarantee results or increased income. Experiences of past students may not be typical for all students.

All the love,

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Ashley Horne

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