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More About Ashley!

Ashley is a thought leader on Money & Women Empowerment.

Her mission is simple: She's an expert when it comes to Money. She's here to educate women to live their own Pinterest Life through Mindset and Manifestation.

She is on her way to a 7 FIGURE YEAR and total lifestyle freedom. And she's here to share her successes, energy, failures, breakthroughs, manifestation goals and mindset tips along the way.

But she wasn't always like this. A few years ago, she had $50k+ in debt, living in an apartment with cockroaches, working until 2am - believing that's what successful people do - Burnt Out. 

She remembers the day she had enough. That she was finally ready to level up. It was 2016 and she was sitting in her LA apartment listening to a mentor speak about the subconscious mind and she gave the example about buying a new car. How when you are thinking about a new car – all of a sudden that’s ALL you see on the road. Then something clicked for her.

That when you focus on that owning that beautiful new car, when you picture what it FEELS like to own that car, when you picture what it looks like in detail. When you practice holding those vibrations, that's what speaks to your subconsious. She then realized....That's what needed to change. HER MINDSET.

Now it's her turn to teach you what she knows.

Today, she runs a 7-figure private wealth management practice with her bestie, Scottie, where they help high compensated clients with their financial plans. She runs a digital course empire, helping educate and transform other entrenepeurs and women with their money and success mindsets. She owns several real estate investment properties and is self taught around passive income. She releases free, inspiring, and educational content on her weekly podcast, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. All the socials! 

I adore you,

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Ashley Horne

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